About the programme

What is the duration of the program?

Europubhealth is a two-year full-time master course.

Can I study 1 year only ?

You cannot study 1 year if you want to get the Europubhealth double degree and joint diploma supplement.

Can I directly enter the 2nd year?

It is not possible to enter directly the 2nd year. You must undertake the entire master course.

Is Europubhealth a part-time or full-time programme?

Europubhealth is a full-time programme.

Does Europubhealth master offer distance (on-line) training?

Europubhealth does not offer distance training. It even focuses on integration and requires international mobility, as students must undertake courses in at least two different countries.

How are organized the courses during the two years?

Europubhealth is a two year Masters course equivalent to 120 ECTS Credits. The first year concerns the core public health courses taking place either in Sheffield (in English) or Granada (in Spanish). The second year of specialisation is held in a different country: Poland, France, The Netherlands or Spain (only for those who were not in Granada for first year). Two modules bring together all Europubhealth students in Rennes at the end of the first year (3 weeks) and at the end of the second year (3 weeks).

How are the modules assessed?

Assessement methods and grading scales have been agreed upon by all members of the consortium. It is necessary for full recognition between year 1 and year 2 results and double diploma delivery. Assessment is divided into 3 stages:

  1. National assessment: Year 1 or year 2 institutions assess students during training modules in their institution, according to national or local official rules. Expected minimum required standards have to be achieved for module validation. In case not, complementary work and support will be given to achieve the required level and resit the exam if necessary. Such a procedure would not disqualify the student from continuing on to another module. However if, following such corrective help, achievement level remains insufficient, the module will have to be retaken.
  2. Transnational integrated assessment: It involves at least two members of the consortium. This mainly applies to the integration module 1 and 2 and the final dissertation.
  3. Assessment committee: A representative of each of the consortium members takes part to the assessment committee. Assessment committee gathers the results of the different assessments and reviews national and integrated module assessments. It grants admission (or not) into the 2nd year and Masters degree at the end of the course. It can also propose supplementary tasks to the student to be carried out if necessary, or decide to maintain, or not, students in the course if they fail to achieve level requirements.

About the specialisations

What are the different options?

For first year, you can choose either to go to the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, or to the Andalusian School of Public Health in Granada, Spain. During the second year, you can choose among 6 specialisations in Poland, France, The Netherlands or Spain. The list of the courses offered by each institution are described under tab "Programme Description" of this website.

Second specialisation year includes mandatory placement and dissertation. They can be connected, or not, according to local rules and practices.

In order to meet placement objectives and ensure supervising, Europubhealth consortium gives priority to placement in the year 2 country. In case of a placement that would take place outside of the year 2 country, it has to be validated by year 2 institution and by Europubhealth coordinator. Both parts must be informed of such a project at least 2 months prior to the student's departure to the chosen country.

In case of scholarship holders, the decision of maintaining scholarship payments while doing a placement outside Europe is conditioned by the European rules and, if necessary, must be approved by the European agency.

About employability

Europubhealth alumni have been recruited mainly in public or non-profit institutions, in different countries (they do not all stay in Europe or come back to their country of origin). Most of them obtain a position of manager or project coordinator, where they use both their technical expertise and the human-social skills developed through their Europubhealth experience.

According to the specialisations undertaken during the second year, they work in different fields of public health:

  • Management of health programmes, at international, national or local level
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of public health policies
  • Management of social or healthcare institutions
  • Risk management and assessment
  • Inspection and evaluation
  • Audits and consulting
  • Education and research, ...

Every year, a career fair and employability workshops are organized during integration modules in Rennes.

What is the final diploma?

Graduating from Europubhealth, you get a double (two) masters degree diploma.

It is made up of your year 1 institution masters degree (Granada "Master Europeo en Salud Publica" or Sheffield "Master of Public Health") and your year 2 institution masters degree (Granada "Master Europeo en Salud Publica" or Krakow "Magister in the field of Public Health" or EHESP "Master of Public Health", EHESP/IEP Rennes "Master mention Santé Publique - spécialité Pilotage des politiques et actions en santé publique" or University of Rennes 1 "Master Droit santé et protection sociale - spécialité Droit, Santé, Ethique" or Maastricht University "Wo-master European Public Health").

Your diploma are completed by a Europubhealth certificate and a joint diploma supplement, precising the pathway chosen, marks and grading scale.

About the eligibility

Main criteria for eligibility are:

  • A university Bachelor degree, i.e. 180 ECTS
  • Proficiency in one, two or three languages according to the chosen pathway: English, English + French, Spanish + French + English, Spanish + English
  • Submission on line before the deadline of a full application file, together with all the supporting documents required

All admission requirements are described here.

Who are the candidates? Is there any age limit?

The candidates come from all over the world and have various backgrounds. Part of them apply just after finishing their bachelor, and part of them are professionals who want to develop their knowledge and skills in the designing, planning, implementation, advising and assessment of health programmes or in the management of health or social services and establishments. They can be graduate students in law, economics, management, public health, biology, medicine, engineering, etc…

There is no age limit. You can apply at any age provided you meet the eligibility requirements in terms of study level and language proficiency in particular.

Shall a candidate be introduced by a University of his/her country or shall professionals make unsolicited applications?

Candidates apply individually, although they must provide 2 reference letters. At least one letter of recommendation should be from academic or professional contacts (teachers, supervisors, work manager, museum curators, etc). The letters are to be printed on letterhead paper (official paper) and hand-signed (referees should prepare scan or photo of the document).

When should I send the reference letters ? Who is ment to upload them into the application tool ?

The reference letters have to be uploaded online by the referees (an email is being sent directly to them to do so) and at the same time as the application form before the application deadline in order the application file to be considered as complete.

About the application

How can I apply to the Europubhealth master?

To apply to Europubhealth, you have to fill in the online application form in English and post online the scanned required pieces of information.

What are the required pieces of information?

Application Form has to be filled, signed and sent before the deadline with:

  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Curriculum Vitae (European model)
  • Motivation essay (in English)
  • Certified true copy of the diplomas (minimum Bachelor) with the Diploma Supplement if available and the official translation in English
  • Official written original transcripts and mark sheets in English (or official written English translations from the candidate's native language) from all colleges and universities or any other institution of higher education attended
  • Evidence of language proficiency, according to the chosen pathway
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Extra Information essay

About the selection

What are the admission requirements for non-European candidates?

The admission requirements are the same for all candidates: see section Admission Requirements.

Can I apply if I have not received my Diploma yet?

Candidates who cannot provide their diploma before the given deadline but are expected to graduate before September of the following academic year may apply. They have to submit a certificate from their university on the expected date of graduation and then the diploma before starting date of the programme.

May you have futher questions regarding application procedure, mandatory documents and/or technical issues,go to http://emundus.izp.cm-uj.krakow.pl or contact recruitment team via emundus@izp.cm-uj.krakow.pl.

How do you select the candidates?

Europubhealth Selection Committee is composed of representatives of the six partner universities. All applications are carefully studied according to Europubhealth eligibility criteria and then marked by members of the selection committee according to Europubhealth selection criteria.

What are the evaluation criteria?

The Europubhealth selection committee uses the following criteria to assess eligible applications:

  • Education : Marks, classification, grades and distinctions obtained / Autonomy and initiative, willingness and suitability for working in a team
  • Professional experience
  • Reason for choosing the European Master
  • Relevance of the specialisations ranked with respect to previous training and career prospects
  • Cultural adaptability: Language skills, International projects or prospects

What are the selection dates? When will I know the results?

We examine your application form after one of the three announced deadlines, depending on the date of your application submission. Selected students are informed as soon as possible after the selection committees.

About the language and language tests

What are the language requirements?

One, two or three languages are required to participate to EUROPUBHEALTH Masters course, among one of the following combinations, according to the training pathway chosen: English only; or English + French; or Spanish + French + English; or Spanish + English.

Each pathway requires a proof of minimum language profiency. See details here.

What is the deadline for the language tests?

According to language requirements, you must send a copy of your language test certificates attached to your application form before the selection deadline.  We take into consideration the fact that English proficiency tests such as IELTS are often taking place shortly after application deadlines for the Europubhealth programme. For this reason, we accept applications where candidates clearly indicate that they are waiting for their test results. Therefore in your application you should enclose a registration confirmation for the language test with a statement on the expected date of the results. When you receive results you should send them as soon as possible and before Preselection committee to emundus@cm-uj.krakow.pl, mentionning as a title of your message "Delayed language result".

About the fees

What are the tuition fees and what do they include?

The EUROPUBHEALTH tuition fees have been set at :

  • 16,000 € for the two years of study (120 ECTS) for Non-European students
  • 11,000 € for the two years of study (120 ECTS) for European students*

* European Students are citizens of the 28 member states of the European Union and citizens of Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey.

These fees include all the following services:

  • Enrolment in all the teaching units and modules and access to related educational ressources
  • Free access to library, document centers and related services
  • Language course during first and second year (survival language)
  • Examination, diploma and certificate

The fees do not include:

Costs relating to accommodation, food, international travel, travel on site, visa or insurance.

Students are responsible for purchasing their personal health insurance in order to be in compliance with the regulations of social welfare of the country which welcomes them. Students have to present a certificate of the insurer to the coordinator at registration stage.

The purchase of a third party liability insurance is also highly recommended.

Can students receive scholarships from Community programmes for the purpose of following the Europubhealth Masters Course?

Students can apply for a Erasmus+ scholarships (mobility scholarships) under standard conditions and procedures. In practice, this means that the university in which the student starts the Europubhealth programme may apply for a Erasmus+ scholarship for his/her study period in their second year hosting institution. As a reminder, Erasmus+ scholarship can cover mobility periods from 3 to 12 months.

Other types of grants from public or private funds may be available (see "Funding your studies").

Can I work in parallel to the Europubhealth Master course ?

Europubhealth students are allowed to work part-time during the programme as long as the mandatory minimum requirement of 90% attendance to the course is met, and providing that it is in line with the national legislation of the country(ies) concerned (e.g. visa or residence permit rules).

The Erasmus+ programme does not foresee any restrictions for remunerated work outside the Master course providing that the student can still dedicate the necessary efforts to the Master Course's mandatory activities in order to complete it successfully within the agreed period.


Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association

The EMA website is accessible on the following link http://www.em-a.eu. The European Commission and ACA will contact students to invite them to register via the EMA website.

What kind of training would be useful before applying to Europubhealth?

It is required to have a bachelor level degree (180 ECTS) to apply to Europubhealth. It may be useful, depending on the student’s language proficiency to undertake language courses as the language level required is high. For further information, refer to question about language requirements.

How to be well prepared to study in one of your universities?

In our website you can download a welcome guide for each university in which you will find very useful information about the university, the town, the country, some useful tips to live abroad, etc.


N.B.: In case you don't find the answer to your question in the F.A.Q. section or in the Website, please contact us through the Contact form