Application and Selection Procedure

Important: Erasmus Mundus Scholarships are not available for the 2024-2026 cohort as the funding of Europubhealth+ by the Erasmus+ programme is coming to an end. We invite applicants to join the Programme with an alternative source of funding. Please visit our funding opportunities page for more information.

Since 2006, Europubhealth+ has been selected four times by the European Union for Erasmus Mundus funding. Between 2020 and 2023, Europubhealth+ had delivered 88 scholarships for students from 4 cohorts. Over the same period, 79 students participated to the programme with other sources of funding and graduated.

As of September 2024, the Europubhealth+ programme will continue with:

  • the same consortium partners (7 different universities and associated partners),
  • the same pathways and specializations,
  • the integration modules,
  • the same degrees awarded as well as the same opportunities for placement.

The quality and excellence of the programme remain the same. Applicants who are interested in funding opportunities can consult this page

Application deadlines

24. January 2024 (23:00 pm CET): results released mid-March
27. March 2024 (23:00 pm CET): results released mid-May
7. May 2024 (23:00 pm CET): results released mid-June; recommended for European students only or students who do not need a visa.

For visa reasons, we strongly recommend applicants who will need a visa to study in their first year country to apply before the 27 March 2024.
We highly advise applicants seeking financial support (grants, loans) to submit their applications as early as possible, taking into account the requirements of the funding institutions.

NB: European applicants going to the University of Sheffield will need a visa.

Application for 2024 intake

The application platform opens on Tuesday 21st November 2023.

You should submit your application on, completely in English with all supporting documents uploaded.

Please read carefully the Admission requirements and check the Instructions for 2024 Applicants and Frequently Asked Questions available on the application platform.

Copia de EPH WEBINAR Lise January 2024

Revisit the 2024 webinar for applicants, co-hosted by the Europubhealth Students and Alumni Association (EPHSA), the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA) and EPH+ Coordination and Recruitment teams.

You can find all the answers related to Europubhealth+, such as the application process, the Master’s programme, administrative processes, funding opportunities, advice for EPH+students to succeed, postgraduation opportunities, pathways, tips on budgeting and housing, etc.

Evaluation criteria

The Europubhealth+ selection committee uses the following criteria to assess eligible applications:

    • Reasons for choosing the Europubhealth+ Master: added-value for the student to graduate from this particular programme and motivation for the second year specialisation in line with previous training and career prospects.
    • Educational credentials: Marks, classification, grades and distinctions obtained in previous trainings.
    • Professional experience: work experience in the field of public health, health care or social work (including volunteer work, placements, summer jobs…)
    • International projects or prospects
    • Personal skills (cultural adaptability, autonomy, initiative, suitability for teamwork)

The Europubhealth+ Selection Committee is composed of representatives of the 7 partner universities of the consortium.
All applications are carefully studied according to the Europubhealth+ eligibility criteria (e.g. language level, previous degree…). Eligible applications are then marked and ranked in order of merit by the Selection Committee according to the Europubhealth+ evaluation criteria. All candidates who obtain the minimum threshold score set by the Selection Committee are selected to join the course. Applications are assessed by the Selection Committee after each one of the above-mentioned deadlines.

Selection results are announced within 8 weeks after each application deadline.

Selected students are informed individually by email; the list of non-selected applicants (anonymized – referring to applicants’ ID only) is published on the Home page of the Application platform.

Appeal procedure:

In case of non-selection on the ground of non-eligiblity , if an applicant believes that there has been an error in the decision-making process, he or she may appeal the decision by writing a letter to the Europubhealth+ Coordinator. Well-founded requests need to be sent by email to: europubhealth[at], entitled: “APPEAL: Last and first name and application number” within 15 days after the publication of selection results. The reasons for the appeal must be clearly stated in the letter. The admission decision is reached after a careful, objective eval­uation of each application by both faculty and administrative staff. The appeal procedure is designed to protect applicants from being mistreated. Only justified requests will be considered. Please note that this procedure is only for applicants who have been considered as NON-ELIGIBLE : it is not a second chance at admission for applicants who were eligible but did not get selected.

Tips for Applicants

Check out more tips and advices for applicants on the EPH+ YouTube Channel