Leadership in European Public Health

Maastricht University, The Netherlands (57 ECTS)

Learning outcomes

At the end of the year, students are able to:

  • conduct independent research
  • formulate effective and appropriate health policies by putting forward arguments and supporting data from a comparative, often cross-border point of view

Course content

Compulsory modules (36 ECTS)

  • Introduction to Governance and leadership in European Public Health
  • Measuring and Comparing Health in Europe – Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches
  • Identifying and assessing good and best practices in health
  • Europe as one zone: European Health Law & Policies: The Translation of Evidence into Norms
  • Public health leadership
  • Diffusion, Implementation and Quality Assurance of Health Innovations in Europe
  • Public Health Law and Governance

Dissertation and internship (21 ECTS)