Competencies Map

WHO-ASPHER Competency Framework for Public Health Workforce in the European Region

The Europubhealth+ Consortium has adapted the WHO-ASPHER Competency Framework into a self-assessment tool for the course coordinators in order to map to which extent the different pathways aim at developing each competency. The results of this self-assessment are presented in the different graphs below.

How to read the graphs?

The Europubhealth+ programme covers all public health competencies identified by the WHO-ASPHER Framework but each study pathway aims at developing these competencies to a different extent, from 1: Novice to 4: Proficient (4 being the maximum level expected from master graduated students).

Competency levels:

Novice  Novices have little or no knowledge/ability or no previous experience of the competency described and need close supervision or instruction.

Advanced beginner Advanced beginners have some knowledge of the competency described, but there are gaps in their knowledge, and they would not be able to apply that knowledge in a sustained way to complete a work task.

Competent Competentpersons can troubleshoot problems on their own and when supported by experts may begin to figure out how to solve novel problems. Competent persons would have an adequate level of competence to undertake work tasks in this area, albeit under the supervision of a more experienced professional.

Proficient Proficientpersons deal with complex situations holistically. They will be able to take full responsibility for their own work and coach others. Proficient persons have detailed knowledge and would feel confident to undertake work tasks in this area, without supervision.

Expert Experts are the primary sources of knowledge and information in any field. They holistically grasp complex situations and move between intuitive and analytical approaches with ease. Experts will have a great deal of expertise in the particular competency and others may come to them for advice.