2018 Huy Nguyen Van 140 160

Lecturer and Researcher. Department of Health Management and Organization, Institute for Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Hanoi Medical University. Vietnam

Since 1998, Huy Nguyen Van is working at the Hanoi Medical University (HMU) in the Department of Health Management and Organization, and in the Institute for Preventive Medicine and Public Health. His teaching and research works mainly concerns leadership and management skills and tools, health system management, quantitative methods and other public health-related issues, in order to expand knowledge and support students in learning.

Huy Nguyen Van has also a strong interest in epidemiology in rural and urban Vietnam. For instance, he won the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award in May 2013 for his thesis about "A potential HIV epidemic among male migrants in urban Vietnam". This award is attributed to the best PhD thesis at Queensland University of Technology, Australia. He also received eight academic and research awards from the Hanoi Medical University, among the sixteen received since 1989.

Healthcare system in Vietnam is one of his areas of working for years, but Huy Nguyen Van is also deeply involved in the international public health landscape. He participated in various conferences and publications in different countries, and keeps on publishing articles in international journals such as Global Health Action, International Journal of Health Planning and Management, PLoS One, American Journal of Medical Education, BMC Medical Education, BMC Public Health, PloS ONE, etc.
In total, he has had close to 100 journal articles published in which 32 articles in internationally peer-reviewed journals plus 8 articles submitted to internationally peer-reviewed journals (peer review in progress), and close to 60 articles published in Vietnamese peer-reviewed journals, 2 books/chapters published by international publishers and 17 books/chapters published by Vietnamese publishers.

In Rennes from 11 June to 6 July 2018