Your employability is a priority for us

Most of the alumni join public or non-profit institutions after graduating from Europubhealth+.

They undertake different functions such as the management of health programmes, the definition, implementation and assessment of public health policies, but they also work as managers in social or healthcare institutions, in risk management and assessment, audit and consulting, education and research.

Sample graduate job title:

  • Health and nutrition programme manager
  • Research associate
  • Communicable disease epidemiologist
  • Regional specialist and head of provincial office
  • Clinical hospital pharmacist
  • Monitoring and evaluation specialist
  • Head of teaching unit
  • Senior physiotherapist
  • Intensive care unit doctor
  • Lecturer in health economics...

The Europubhealth+ consortium has always paid strong attention to the employability of its graduates. We conduct surveys every year towards our graduates and keep in touch with the Alumni network. The surveys are addressed to the graduates 3, 15 and 27 months after their graduation. Here are some statistics about the professional situation of Europubhealth+ Alumni.


  • What did they become after graduation?
  • Type of Contract
  • Salary
  • Organisation

What did they become after graduation?

2008 2014 01 Employment after graduation

Type of Contract

2008 2014 02 Contract

Net monthly salary

2008 2014 03 Salary


2008 2014 04 Organisation


This terms cloud represents what has been the contribution of training to the graduates' career:



After 13 years of existence, the Europubhealth+ programme has built a vibrant international network of 350 students and Alumni from about 80 different countries represented in the map below.


WorldMap Alumni 30 oct2019 

Career Days - International Employability Forum

farida paho career days 2014

The Europubhealth+ consortium makes a point of fostering the professional inclusion of Europubhealth+ students. For instance, Europubhealth+ students are invited to participate in the Career Days, an international event organised each year during the Integration modules at the EHESP School of Public Health in Rennes (France).

This event gives an opportunity for students to meet public health professionals and recruiters by attending their lectures or getting their tailor-made advice through mock interviews. Students are often proposed some placement opportunities or jobs during this 2-day forum. Each year, several Europubhealth+ Alumni come back to Rennes to participate in the Career Days.

You are a Europubhealth graduate or an international public health expert and you would like to join the next edition ? Please contact Nicoleta Bakhos ( / +33 2 99 02 26 10.