With the Europubhealth+ programme you are choosing:
  • to live abroad: during 2 years, you will live and study in at least 2 European countries and benefit from the support of experienced teams in each Higher Education Institution,
  • global health and intercultural work through multicultural team work, problem-based learning and a mandatory internship or practicum,
  • a large network in public health composed of academics and professionals with high expertise in the field as well as international students and alumni.
Once you graduate from Europubhealth+, you will be able to:
  • analyse and address the determinants of health problems from a population perspective,
  • propose, plan, implement and evaluate culturally appropriate, evidence-based policies and interventions for the effective improvement of population health in international, national and local contexts.
 Eight renowned European universities are collaborating to deliver the Europubhealth+ Master's course.

Combinations of pathways offered within the 2-year course

As a Europubhealth+ student, you choose a pathway in a minimum of two different countries of the consortium located in Europe.

According to your language skills, you can follow your first academic year in English at the University of Sheffield (UK), at the University College Dublin (Ireland), in Spanish at the University of Granada (Spain) or in French at the University of Liege (Belgium) to acquire core competences in public health.

Your second academic year must be followed in a different country according to your specialisation preferences and language skills, that is to say either at Maastricht University in The Netherlands (in English), the Jagellonian University in Poland (in English), at the EHESP School of Public Health in Paris (in English), at the EHESP in Rennes (in French), at the University of Rennes 1 (in French), or at the University of Granada in Spain (in Spanish).

! Please note that if you are applying for an Erasmus Mundus excellence scholarship, the countries you are choosing for your first and second academic year must be different from your country of residence at the time of application - this rule does not apply to candidates applying as self-funded students

At the end of each academic year, all Europubhealth+ students participate in a joint Integration Module at EHESP in Rennes, France (in English) for three weeks.

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Awarded Degrees

Graduates from Europubhealth+ receive a double (two) master's degree composed of:

A master's degree from their Year 1 institution:
> University of Granada "Master Europeo en Salud Publica" or
> University of Sheffield "Master of Public Health" or

> University College Dublin - National University of Ireland "Master of Public Health" or

> University of Liege "Master en Sciences de la Santé Publique"


A master's degree from their Year 2 institution:
> JU Krakow "Magister in the field of Public Health" or
> EHESP "Master International de Santé Publique" or "Master mention Santé Publique - spécialité Promotion de la Santé et Prévention" or
> EASP - University of Granada "Master Europeo en Salud Publica" or
> Rennes 1/EHESP "Master de Droit, Economie, Gestion - mention Droit de la Santé" or
> Maastricht University "Master of Science Leadership in European Public Health".

Both official national degrees are completed by a Europubhealth+ certificate of achievement and a joint diploma supplement, detailing the chosen pathway, marks and grading scales.