Core competencies in public health (57 ECTS)

University of Liege, Belgium

Compulsory modules

  • General introduction to public health
  • Introduction to health economics
  • Organisation of health systems
  • Introduction to the analysis of organisations
  • Introduction to epidemiology
  • Introduction to epigenetics
  • Biostatistics
  • Information resources: evidence-based approaches
  • Societal aspects of health
  • Introduction to simulation
  • Health care regulation and legislation
  • Principles of communication in public health
  • Transdisciplinary approach to public health problems
  • Research and evidence
  • Ethics, management of risks and quality
  • Project development and management of change

Elective modules (to be chosen in coherence with 2nd year specialisation): One Health Concept and integrative appraoches to health; Health pedagogy; Integration and reflexivity in health promotion; Advanced methods in qualitative approach; Strategies to address social inequalities in health and health literacy; Design and analysis of multimedia messages; Assessment and prevention methods in health psychology; Behavioural change and social influence.

N.B.: Minor changes may occur in the detailed programme from one intake to another.